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29th May, 2015
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    Jesus Said Don’t Receive the Gospel and Then Be Distracted

Jesus Said Don’t Receive the Gospel and Then Be Distracted

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Jesus said that there are people who hear the Gospel, ”…but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature” (Luke 8:14).  When you read this, what is your response?  Are you convicted that there are areas in […]

6th Mar, 2015

Jesus Said Don’t Grumble and Complain

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Jesus said it only once: “Stop grumbling among yourselves.” It may surprise you that, when “grumble” or “grumbling” is used in the gospels, it is NOT used to refer to people complaining about the weather, other people, circumstances, etc. Rather, in the gospels these words are always used in […]

13th Feb, 2015

Jesus Said Don’t Worry

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I am weary of people who cling to worry, acting like it is a badge of compassion and ‘caring’, rather than repenting and acknowledging it is sin!  Until disciples admit that worry is a sin, repent of it, and believe that Jesus freed them from this sin, too, there […]

5th Sep, 2014

Jesus Said Don’t Disown Him Before Men

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When faced with an opportunity to speak up about Jesus in front of others, do we disown Him? Or acknowledge Him, as studied in Jesus Said Acknowledge Him Before Men? Disowning Jesus can take many different forms, as we’ll explore in this post.

Referenced Scripture
Matthew 10:33, Luke 12:9

Disown Jesus = […]

22nd Aug, 2014

Jesus Said Don’t Teach & Follow Rules Taught by Men

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Jesus said  beware of religious observances and traditions that have no basis in God’s commands. This is a good time to review your church’s teachings and traditions, to make sure they are rooted in the Bible, not the traditions of man.

Referenced Scripture
Matthew 15:3-9 (OT), Mark 7:6-13 (OT), Luke 5:36-39 […]

8th Aug, 2014

Jesus Said Don’t Disobey His Teaching

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In this scripture, Jesus equates loving him with obeying Him. People, as well as churches and church leaders, often gloss over this teaching. Obedience is usually taught to one of two extremes: too little teaching on it, or teaching on it like it is the way to salvation. Neither […]

11th Jul, 2014

Jesus Said Don’t Take Offense at His Teachings

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“Does this offend you?” (John 6:61).  For those easily offended, listening to what Jesus said  can be painful.  When Jesus started his ministry, some of his first followers became offended at what Jesus said  and stopped following Him.  As we listen to Jesus’ words and take in what He […]

27th Jun, 2014

Jesus Said Don’t Be Ashamed of Him and His Words

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How could anybody be ashamed of Jesus? Or be ashamed of His words?  Perhaps the cowardly or the unbelieving could be.  Certainly there is no shame about Jesus or His words for the man or woman who stands redeemed by Jesus’ blood, longing to see their Savior one day.

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20th Jun, 2014

Jesus Said Don’t Be Arrogant

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Jesus said that arrogance is an evil. Strong words from Jesus. Though only mentioned once by Jesus, arrogance is included in a laundry list of “evils” that Jesus said make a man ‘unclean’.

Referenced Scripture
Mark 7:20-23

The Inside Determines the Outside
In Mark 7:20-23, Jesus said, “What comes out of a man […]